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Sheri Steinberg | Serving Sedona, AZ, and Environs | 720.456.7878

To live is to change, and I offer experience, confidence, a compassionate heart,

and loving hands to support you through life’s miraculous major transitions.

What is a doula?

Doula is a Greek word that means “woman helper.” An age-old role, it originally referred to the support women offered each other during childbirth, but has been extended to include service to anyone navigating a major life transition. Initially a birth doula, I’m now honored to nurture people passing through both of life’s portals and their loved ones.

What services do I offer?

During labor and birth:

Cupped-Hands20prenatal information and emotional support

Cupped-Hands20coping strategies for labor

Cupped-Hands20continuous presence during labor and birth

Cupped-Hands20a postpartum visit to talk about the birth and help ease adjustment to family life.

During the death process:

Cupped-Hands20nonmedical physical, emotional, and spiritual support for both you and your loved ones

Cupped-Hands20personalized timing, scheduling, and involvement

Cupped-Hands20help with day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, if needed


What are the benefits of doula support?

Our self-doubts and fears about lack of control make navigating change a challenging process. Although we’re faced with the impermanence of life every day, the momentous transitions at its beginning and end can be especially difficult.The most important support a doula can offer during both birth and death is a calm, accepting, loving presence that creates the space for you and your loved ones to allow and explore your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to your experience.

During labor and birth:

Cupped-Hands20shorter and less complicated labor

Cupped-Hands20fewer requests for pain medication

Cupped-Hands20lower rate of cesarean delivery

Cupped-Hands20greater satisfaction with birth experience and partner’s involvement

During the death process:

Cupped-Hands20greater acceptance

Cupped-Hands20more peaceful transition

Cupped-Hands20enhanced involvement of loved ones and possibility of achieving closure

What are my qualifications?

Cupped-Hands20maturity and experience

Cupped-Hands20passion for and awe at the miracles of birth, death and everything in between

Cupped-Hands20training and certification by DONA (Doulas of North America)

Cupped-Hands20special training in acupuncture, home birth, and hypnobirthing

Cupped-Hands20experienced suicide-crisis-line and hospice volunteer

Cupped-Hands20member of INELDA (International End-of-Life Doula Association)

I am so happy that we chose Sheri as our doula! She is so loving, non-judgmental and authentically inspired by the incredibly important work she does.

She truly was an angel during a very intense, scary, amazing and beautiful time.

Sheri went above and beyond the role that we had expected. She was incredibly calm and supportive. She was with us through the entire long process, and we couldn’t have done it without her.

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I look forward to caring for you and your loved ones.